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Detailed and Complete Inventory of your Boat, Creation of a Quality Photo File

Precise Market Study and Estimation of the Selling Price

Management from A to Z of the Sale of your Boat

Availability, Responsiveness and Mobility of our Sales team

EFFECTIVE Communication

Enhancement of your Boat by a detailed Announcement

Visibility of your Boat on all specialized Partner Sites

Distribution of the announcement to our File of Potential Buyers

Exposure of the Sell Sheet in our Brokerage Office

our Services

Edition of a Detailed and Exhaustive Brochure for Potential Buyers

We Ensure the Good General Condition of your Boat before each Visit

Reception of potential Buyers and Presentation of the Boat in the best conditions

Negotiate the Terms of Sale for your Account and draft a Sales Compromise
(established by a law firm)

Mandate a Maritime Expertise
(if necessary, and resolve all the problems encountered with the expert)

Peace Of Mind

We Select the Visitors for you so as not to open the Doors of your Boat to just anyone

We strongly advise a Maritime Expertise to avoid any Bad Surprises

We regularly inform you of the progress of the Sale of your Boat

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